Al Sharpton Says Wrestling Hair Rules Are Biased Against Black People

Al Sharpton

Wrestling Hair Rules Are

Biased Against Black People

12/23/2018 12:20 AM PST


Al Sharpton says video of high school wrestler Andrew Johnson getting his dreadlocks cut before a match is “outrageous,” and shows a tremendous bias against minorities in high school sports. 

The Rev. ain’t buying the argument that the ref was simply enforcing the rules — and accuses Alan Maloney of having a “bias” against black people. 

But, Sharpton also believes the hair rule itself it ridiculous — saying, “I think that it clearly discriminates against people that have a certain cultural bend, and come from a certain identity and racial background.”

Sharpton compares the situation to discrimination cases where black employees had been told to get rid of dreadlocks and cornrows to comply with workplace standards. 

Still, Al says he commends Johnson for winning the match and rising above all of the B.S. that went down in the gym that day. 

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