Daphne Joy Dazzles in Sexy Pink Bikini During Photo Shoot on a Yacht in Greece

Daphne Joy

Bikini Goddess

Looking Hot on a Yacht

9/6/2018 9:24 AM PDT

It’s easy to see why Daphne Joy drives rappers crazy … she’s got curves for days, and she’s giving yacht-setters an up-close look at ’em.

Daphne — 50 Cent‘s baby mama and Jason Derulo‘s ex — is back at it in Greece, spreading joy to all in a sexy pink bikini. Opa! No worries about her yacht capsizing … with DJ onboard, there’s plenty of buoyancy.

Can’t say she’s not an equal opportunity titillator — boobs, butts — whatever you’re into, she’s got ya covered. Don’t believe us? Check out the pics. If you do believe us, you’re already deep into the gallery.


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