Kylie Jenner Cosmetics — So, I Got an 'F' … Here's How I Fixed It


0707-kylie-jenner-happy-kylie-cosmetics-INSTAGRAM-01Kylie Jenner‘s cosmetic company dropped its “F” business rating in record time … with a pretty simple fix they could’ve taken care of long ago.

The Better Business Bureau honcho, Rick Copelan, tells us a rep for Kylie Cosmetics called Monday — after we posted about its big fat “F” — asking how to fix it ASAP.

We’re told the bad grade came after BBB requested sales numbers from Kylie’s company … so it could figure out the ratio of sales figures vs complaints. But since Kylie’s side never responded, BBB had to guesstimate sales numbers … and that resulted in the “F.”

Once the cosmetics company reported its actual sales numbers — which Copelan called “huge” — the “F” vanished. Now it has “No Rating” because companies less than a year old don’t get grades, unless it’s lower than a “C.”

Just so Kylie knows — the BBB says IF it were to rate her company now, it would fall between a “C and B.” Also important to note … she needs at least a “B” to get BBB accredited. 



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