Liziane Gutierrez's Plastic Surgery Nightmare is Getting Worse

Liziane Gutierrez

Plastic Surgery Nightmare

… I Can’t Feel My Face!!!

3/23/2019 12:20 AM PDT


Liziane Gutierrez‘s plastic surgery nightmare is getting worse by the day … and things are so bad, she’s in need of MORE cosmetic procedures to fix her botched Botox damage.

We got this graphic footage of the Brazilian model getting her lip fillers sucked out with a needle at a doctor’s office in Las Vegas. Clearly, painful for her, but also hard to watch. Warning … it ain’t for the squeamish.  

Liziane tells TMZ … after Friday’s procedure in Vegas, her face went completely numb. And, as you can see in this pic, her lips are extremely discolored. 

As we reported, Liziane recently went for botox and lip fillers in Brazil, but the doc did such a terrible job, she felt like her face was going to explode. She was later diagnosed with a bacterial skin infection.

Liziane tells us her Vegas doctor is afraid she was injected with silicone or another dangerous substance during her operation in Brazil … and if her condition doesn’t improve, she’s staring down additional plastic surgery to fix the damage. 

Liziane’s already cheated death after botched liposuction … and her fingers are crossed once again.

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