The Kardashians — Doctor Slaps Name On Facelifts … Doggone It!


0520-kardashians-face-lift-art-TMZ-01The Kardashians‘ faces have inspired a new cosmetic procedure which bears their name … even though they’re not the ones cashing in on it.

That honor goes to Australia’s Dr. Gary Eldridge, who just filed for a U.S. trademark on his “minimally invasive face/neck lift” … which he calls the “Kardashian Facelift.” He says it’s a painless injection of fibrin protein that forces skin to repair and rejuvenate itself naturally.


Despite the name, Kris Jenner and her flock aren’t getting a penny from Eldridge’s practice. In fact, he cleverly says his procedure is named after his daughter’s dog … Kardashian. 

If you wanna bark up that tree … it’ll cost you $1,870.


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