Beyonce's Stepdad Richard Lawson Says Bey's Bigger Cardi B

Beyonce’s Stepdad

Bitch, Please

Beyonce’s Way Bigger than Cardi B!!!

4/14/2018 6:48 AM PDT


Richard Lawson is kinda awesome … he busts up at the notion Cardi B is bigger than his stepdaughter.

We got Beyonce’s stepdad in Bev Hills Friday leaving The Palm, and he says it’s no contest at Coachella … Beyonce leaves Cardi B in the dust.

Tina Knowles’ hubby doubles down and says Beyonce is bigger than everyone on Earth, but does reserve the #1 spot for someone else in the Universe.

But he cautions Bey had better watch her back … because Blue Ivy’s comin’ for her!

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