DJ Envy Explains Why He Walked Out of 'Breakfast Club' Interview with Desus & Mero

‘Breakfast Club’ DJ Envy

Desus & Mero Need to Know I’m Serious

… No More Wife Jokes!!!

3/15/2018 2:11 PM PDT


DJ Envy stormed outta an interview with Desus and Mero on the ‘Breakfast Club‘ to drive home one point — his wife is NOT to be messed with again.

Envy tells TMZ … he’s cool with Desus and Mero now, but during Thursday morning’s episode he says he had to go after the duo publicly for dissing his wife, Gia Casey, on their Viceland show.

If ya missed it, D&M made a crack about Gia staying with Envy for the money after they addressed rumors he’d cheated on her. Envy wasted no time putting his friends on notice — introducing them as “d***head and p****.” 

Co-host Charlamagne Tha God was cracking up, but Envy was heated.

Desus & Mero definitely wanted to squash the whole thing after apologizing. Envy told us why he still had to walk out of the studio — but also why he thinks he’ll be cool with D&M from here on out. 

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