Jeff Jarrett Describes Emotional Run-In with Vince McMahon Before WrestleMania 34

Jeff Jarrett

Emotional Run-In w/ Vince McMahon

… Before WrestleMania 34

4/11/2018 11:39 AM PDT


Jeff Jarrett says he had an unforgettable “WrestleMania moment” before his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame — and it had everything to do with his real-life rival, Vince McMahon

Double J tells TMZ Sports he was preppin’ for his big speech when — for the first time in almost 20 YEARS — he came face to face with the WWE honcho … and buried the hatchet on their heated feud.

“For me to connect with him on the stage where I got to do the speech — it was surreal,” Jarrett said.

“It was quick, but a real special conversation … a real personal conversation we had.”

As for the ceremony itself — Double J tells us why being able to thank US was the biggest honor of all. 

Ain’t he great?

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