'Little Women: Dallas' Star Bri Barlup Reveals Baby Daddy On Reunion Episode

‘Little Women: Dallas’

Who’s My Baby Daddy?

Wooda Ya Like to Know!

11/22/2017 1:10 PM PST


The “Little Women: Dallas” reunion went full Maury Povich when Bri Barlup revealed her ex, Wooda, is the guy who knocked her up … and he ain’t happy about it. 

The reunion doesn’t air until December, but we’re told the taping ended with Wooda storming off the set. Producers brought him out as a surprise guest, and he was blindsided by Bri’s baby bombshell.

We’re told there was a chance the father was another dude Bri had been dating after they broke up … so Wooda is demanding a paternity test. The exes already have a kid, 3-year-old Malik.

As for Bri, we’re told she’s ecstatic about keeping her baby daddy count at 1.

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