Bobbi Kristina's Death Investigators Interested in Nick Gordon's Most Recent DV Arrest

Nick Gordon’s DV Arrest

Back on D.A.’s Radar

For Bobbi Kristina’s Death Investigation

3/14/2018 12:50 AM PDT


Nick Gordon is back on the radar of Georgia authorities who are still investigating Bobbi Kristina‘s death … after his recent domestic violence arrest … TMZ has learned.

Sources with the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office tell us investigators are aware of Gordon’s arrest in Seminole County this past weekend, and they are factoring that into their Bobbi Kristina homicide investigation. 

As we reported … Gordon was a person of interest when her case initially became a homicide investigation in 2015, although he was never criminally charged in connection with her death. He was, however, found liable for BK’s death in a civil lawsuit and ordered to pay $36 million.

Here’s why this latest news matters … Gordon’s other DV arrest from last year (with the same girl) also went under a microscope in GA. At the time, the Fulton County Assistant D.A. said her team had interviewed Gordon’s GF, and that she “had a lot to say.”

The Asst. D.A. also said their interview with the alleged victim, Laura Leal, moved them closer to figuring out the truth behind the circumstances surrounding Bobbi Kristina’s death

You gotta wonder if they’re gonna wanna talk to Leal again, and what more — if anything — she can tell them that’d help them close this case or break it wide open … a case that has lingered for 3 years.

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