Claudia Jordan: Suge Knight Should Be Let Out to Attend Mom's Funeral

Claudia Jordan

Let Suge Knight Out for Mom’s Funeral

… Worse Inmates Get Freed

6/18/2018 9:01 AM PDT


Claudia Jordan‘s adamant the criminal justice system has had its faults … so it’s only right Suge Knight get let out of jail at LEAST so he can attend his mother’s funeral.

We got the former ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta‘ star Sunday night leaving Delilah in WeHo and asked her if Suge should get a “get out of jail free” card after the passing of his mother. TMZ broke the story … Suge’s mom, Maxine Chatman, died Sunday after suffering a stroke.

Check it out … Claudia says if the “affluenza teen” is out free after killing 4 people while driving drunk, what’s the harm in giving Suge a pass to attend his mother’s funeral?

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