Janet Jackson's Ex-Husband Involved in Hit-and-Run Car Accident (VIDEO)

Janet Jackson’s Ex-Husband

Crashes Head-On,

Leaves the Scene

5/22/2017 12:20 AM PDT


Janet Jackson‘s ex-husband #1 slammed his car into an oncoming vehicle and managed to make matters worse when he bolted from the scene … and TMZ has the footage.

The incident went down April 24 on an L.A. street and the victim’s dash cam was rolling — capturing James DeBarge driving a Mercedes station wagon, trying to cut across traffic when he collided with her Chevy Volt.

The woman hired attorney Michael Parker, who says she’s hit a dead end trying to get James to pay for the $6k in damages. No one’s been able to locate him.

Mike says they did a little digging and it appeared James had no insurance … so she’ll probably have to tap into her uninsured motorist.

We tried reaching out to James, but we had no luck either.

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