Janice Dickinson Says Cosby Accusers Inspired Other Victims to Come Forward

Janice Dickinson

Cosby Accusers Inspired Others to Come Forward

11/29/2017 7:25 AM PST


Janice Dickinson agrees with our photog … she’s one of the people who opened the door for women to muster the courage to tell their stories of sexual abuse. 

Janice was one of the first people to claim abuse at the hands of Bill Cosby. She sued Cosby after he claimed she lied about being drugged and raped by him in Lake Tahoe in 1982. She thinks the Cosby case was a turning point for women to stand up and be heard. 

Janice also strongly defends her attorney, Lisa Bloom, who’s been criticized for repping Harvey Weinstein at the beginning.

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