Nicole Eggert Co-Star Alexander Polinsky to Accuse Scott Baio in News Conference (LIVE STREAM)

Scott Baio

Co-Star Alexander Polinsky

Holds News Conference to Accuse Baio

2/14/2018 9:10 AM PST


Nicole Eggert‘s co-star Alexander Polinsky will tell the media about “the sexual harassment and abuse he alleges against actor Scott Baio” in a news conference, and TMZ will be live streaming it all.

Polinsky has hired attorney, Lisa Bloom, though it’s unclear why. Polinksy initially said he was a witness to alleged abuse by Baio, before alleging mental abuse and physical assault at the hands of Baio. The news conference will be held at Bloom’s law office at 9:30 AM PT. 

Baio’s team is declaring war on Eggert, Bloom et al, calling them “sleaze mongerers” … and they will be holding a news conference at 2:00 PM PT.

TMZ will live stream both news conferences, so stay tuned. 

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