Akon Ordered to Cough Up $164k for Failure to Pay Rent


Gets Smacked with Order to Pay $164k

2/28/2018 12:30 AM PST


Akon’s learning the hard way that giving the cold shoulder never pays … especially when it comes to lawsuits, cause now he’s gotta cough up tons of dough.

Akon’s been ordered to pay $164,786.99 to a company that leased him some space on the 66th floor of the Empire State Building for his fashion line, Aliaune Milano … this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.

The leasing company, GTFM, said Akon agreed in July of 2012 to pay $25k per month and did so until July of 2015 when he stopped paying rent. GTFM claims Akon’s company finally left in January of 2016, owing almost 7 months of rent.

GTFM had sued Akon, but the singer never responded to the lawsuit, so the judge issued a default judgment.

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