Johnny Manziel Still Ballin' Out in Pimped Out Rolls-Royce

No job? No problem!

Johnny Manziel is still living VERY large — despite the fact he hasn’t had an NFL paycheck in a very long time. 

The embattled QB pulled up Wednesday to Barneys in Beverly Hills — one of the most expensive stores in town — in the driver’s seat of a custom Rolls-Royce. 

Later that night, he hit up Warwick in a Givenchy sweatshirt, which retails for more than $1,000. 

He’s also planning a wedding, renting expensive places to live and traveling. So, the question is … how can he still afford to live so lavishly? 

The answer? Manziel is said to have raked in about $7.8 mil from his rookie deal with the Cleveland Browns — plus, he made a ton of cash from endorsement deals with companies like Nike and Snickers. 

Plus, the family reportedly has oil money — though it’s unclear if Manziel has access to it. 

Either way … he doesn’t seem worried. 

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