Kevin Hart — My Shoe Is NOTHING Like Drake's … 'Cause You Can Afford It


Another big star dropping a sneaker … this time it’s Kevin Hart who says there’s a big difference between his and the Yeezys and the OVOs … ’cause normies can actually afford them.

Kevin hit the Grove in L.A. to do a promo event for the “Hustle Harts” — his fitness shoe with Nike –  when we asked the question everyone wants to know … how much are these bad boys gonna cost?

It’s a good question … other celebrity shoe lines are hitting pockets harder than Mike Tyson in his prime … with some of the Kanye West and Drake shoes running into four figures on the secondary market.

Check out the clip — Kevin says his kicks are function over fashion … and hilariously bristles at the notion that anyone’s shoes could cost that much money.

We’ll see Kev … we’ll see.

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