Meghan Markle Makes Major Fashion Faux Pas in Tonga

Meghan Markle

Tag, You’re It!!!

10/25/2018 7:31 AM PDT

Meghan Markle‘s just like the rest of us — aside from her crown, her title and her Prince — sometimes she just forgets to remove the tag from her clothes. Royal oops?!!

Meghan and Prince Harry had the red carpet rolled out for them Thursday after landing on the main island of Tongatapu in Tonga. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were flanked by Tonga’s princess Angelika Latufuipeka … but no doubt everyone’s eyes darted to the bottom of Meghan’s dress.

Gotta give Meghan a pass for this wardrobe malfunction. For starters, she’s about 4 months pregnant, reportedly, so she’s got more important things in mind. Second of all, she’s built up more than enough points by looking nearly flawless EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

BTW … the royal couple was later whisked away to a reception dinner … where one of the guests included the “Shirtless Tongan” guy from the Winter Olympics! ‘Memba him?!!

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