Michael Jordan Rocks Mystery Jordans On Bahamas Vacation

Michael Jordan

Rocks Mystery Jordans

… On Bahamas Vacation

12/7/2017 3:00 PM PST

Exclusive Details

Which Air Jordans does Michael Jordan wear on his fancy beach vacation? 

You’re lookin’ at ’em … but no one seems to know what they are — or if they’ve ever been released to the public. 

MJ is currently out in the Bahamas — smokin’ cigars and loungin’ on yachts — when we noticed the black and white sneakers a female friend (maybe his assistant?) was carrying out of the water. 

We called multiple sneaker experts (including ShoeZeum founder Jordan Geller) to find out the make and model …. but no one had seen these particular kicks before. 

We’re told Jordan gets special custom shoes made — and gets first crack at unreleased gear — but it’s unclear if these are one of a kind or a preview of things to come. 

Side note … MJ’s lady friend also handed Jordan a bag of cigars for his boat ride — because God forbid the NBA legend goes a couple hours without a fresh stogie. 


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