Vogue Magazine Catches Backlash for Featuring Kendall Jenner in Afro

Kendall Jenner

Vogue ‘Afro’ Shoot Sparks Backlash

… Mag Apologizes

10/23/2018 7:20 AM PDT

Kendall Jenner is once again in the crosshairs of controversy after Vogue featured her in a new photo shoot where she’s rockin’ an afro … and the fashion mag blinked.

The supermodel appears in a new Vogue story that’s running in November where she’s wearing a variety of Brock Collection dresses … and sporting a ‘fro-style¬†‘do. Her hair was frizzy and teased-out (nothing like her usual style) … and some people got pissed, claiming cultural appropriation and questioning why Vogue didn’t use a black model.

People flooded the comment section of Vogue’s Instagram post showing off Kendall’s puffed-out hairstyle, and openly speculated about the connotations and intentions behind booking a white girl for the gig … with some calling the move racist and demeaning to black women.

Vogue now says Kendall’s hair was simply reflecting the “Edwardian/Gibson Girl” style they were going for with the Brock Collection. FWIW … a quick google search shows that women of that era did, in fact, have similar hairstyles.

Either way, Vogue eventually apologized, explaining it did not mean to offend anyone.

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