Goose Gossage — I Still Kinda Hate Bryce Harper … But No Lie, Kid Can Play (VIDEO)

Goose Gossage still really, really, really doesn’t like Bryce Harper and thinks he’s a “punk” … but good news, Bryce … Gossage doesn’t hate you as much as he did back in March!

If you remember … Goosage threw all kinds of shade on Harper a few months back … calling him a “fool” and claiming Bryce has no respect for the game.

So, when we ran into the Yankees legend out in NYC … we wanted to know if he’s cooled on Harper … and could maybe one day see a future with the Nats star in pinstripes.

Answer … maybe? Gossage semi-unloads on Harper, calling him a “punk” … but has to admit, the kid’s got skills on the baseball diamond.

See … time does heal some wounds … kinda.

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