Jada Pinkett Smith Dispels Rumors She And Will Are Swingers

Jada Pinkett Smith

Sorry, Will & I Don’t Bang Other Couples

… For Now

7/21/2017 10:56 AM PDT

Jada Pinket Smith is putting a giant Hollywood rumor to bed about her own bed … she and husband Will Smith don’t screw around with other couples.

Jada was promoting her new flick, “Girls Trip,” on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ when a caller asked what the craziest rumor is that Jada’s ever heard about herself. It took a second before Jada laughed off that it was one about her and Will being Hollywood’s notorious swingers.

Funny thing is … Jada made it sound like the door to the bedroom could be open to other couples in the future.

One thing she did come clean on though … how she and Will have remained together for 23 years, which is no easy feat in Hollywood.

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