Jim Carrey — V-Day Pics Prove Late GF's Marriage Was Bogus (PHOTO GALLERY)


0928_jim_carrey_cathriona_white_valentines_day_2013_photos_launchJim Carrey posed for intimate Valentine’s Day photos with his then-girlfriend — and the timing of the shots prove her marriage was a total sham and a “green card marriage”… according to Carrey’s attorney.

TMZ obtained the shots of Jim and Cathriona White from February 14, 2013. They show your standard romantic couple — dinner, rose petals, kissing. What’s odd about the scene is … Cathriona had married Mark Burton on January 15 … according to their marriage certificate.

Jim’s attorney says this flies in the face of Burton’s claim he suffered loss of companionship when White died from an overdose … which is part of the wrongful death suit.

Carrey’s camp and witnesses say Cathriona had asked 5 other men, including Jim, to marry her to avoid deportation to Ireland– and she didn’t even live in the same state as Burton when they wed.

Burton’s lawyer says, “Carrey and his ‘fixers’ need to stop lying,” and he stands by his previous statements about Jim and Cathriona.

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