Sean McVay Says Suh To L.A. Is Not A Done Deal, But Keep Hope Alive

Sean McVay

Suh To Rams Not A Done Deal

… But We’re Hopeful

3/23/2018 9:54 AM PDT


Sean McVay says anyone thinking Ndamukong Suh to the Rams is a done deal should pump their brakes … telling TMZ Sports the deal is anything but done yet.

There was some speculation that Suh had settled on the Rams because after meeting with L.A. he canceled scheduled meetings with some other teams.

We got McVay out at LAX and asked the head man in L.A. if the Suh era in Tinseltown was a forgone conclusion, and Sean was cautiously optimistic at best.

“We’ll see, excited about Marcus and Aquib, and if we’re able to make that other move that’d be good for us, but we’ll see. He’s got a lot of other teams that want him.”

Coach is totally Hollywood now … he’s mastered the cliffhanger.

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