'Truman Show' Pad in Florida Spared from Hurricane Michael's Destruction

‘Truman Show’ House

Spared Hurricane Michael’s Wrath

10/12/2018 12:20 AM PDT


This is NOT a figment of Truman Burbank’s imagination … the house where Jim Carrey filmed “The Truman Show” was smack in the path of Hurricane Michael’s 155 mph winds, but somehow dodged disaster.

Exteriors for the 1998 flick were shot at this home in Seaside, FL and, despite the approaching category 4 storm, the owners tell us they did very little to protect the house. They trusted the fact it’s sitting on a solid foundation, and hoped for the best. However, the town was under mandatory evacuation, so they got out of harm’s way … not knowing if the home would make it.

Truth is, the odds weren’t in their favor when Michael made landfall. As a barometer, Panama city — just 35 miles west of Seaside — was decimated.

As it turns out, the hurricane ended up skirting Seaside … and the only real damage suffered at the house was limited to some branches coming down.

The owners know they got super lucky this time around.

BTW, the house is usually empty, except for visiting family members from time to time. The owners don’t rent it out, and they’ve left it unchanged since ‘Truman’ was shot there. 

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