Val Kilmer — Swollen Tongue, Slurred Speech … I Have to Cancel My Tour (VIDEO)

11/11/2016 8:26 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Val Kilmer is struggling to speak with a severely swollen tongue — and while he still denies he has cancer — whatever his ailment is … it’s forcing him to put his work on hold.

Kilmer shocked an audience in L.A. Thursday night that showed up for a screening of “Citizen Twain.” The actor was drooling as he explained his tongue had recently swollen up and he was still recovering.

He did not say what caused the swelling, but a couple weeks ago his former co-star Michael Douglas claimed Val was battling oral cancer. He denied the cancer, but did say he had a lump on his throat.

Kilmer was in good spirits though, and even joked with the crowd about having to dab saliva from his mouth. He says the mystery condition is forcing him to pull the plug on his one-man play version of ‘Twain.’

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