21 Savage Swarmed by Little Kids, Lays Out First Tour Demands (VIDEO)

2/22/2017 7:54 AM PST


21 Savage appeals to all demographics … and that includes a bunch of 8-year-old kids. Parental discretion be damned!

The rapper and his crew were leaving Avianne & Co. in NYC Tuesday night when he got swarmed by a horde of kids that anointed him THE BEST RAPPER IN THE WORLD.

Can’t really picture them rapping along to “10 bad bitches in a mansion … I got model bitches wanna lick me like some candy. And them drugs come in handy.” Then again … kids these days.

Savage also talks about his upcoming tour and lays out his backstage demands. Don’t skimp on his shrimp alfredo, bro!

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