Blac Youngsta Posts Mock Crucifixion, Internet Destroys Him

Blac Youngsta

Posts Mock Crucifixion Pic

… Internet Destroys Him

7/11/2017 7:14 AM PDT

Blac Youngsta put himself on a cross, and now he’s actually getting $10,000 offers … to delete the damn photo.

The rapper/master s**t stirrer posted the pic Monday of himself fully mocking the crucifixion with Tupac‘s lyrics, “HAIL MARY COME WITH ME.” He also said “R.I.P. TUPAC.”

It appears he was shooting a music video, and not necessarily pulling one of his usual attention-grabbing stunts. Still, most of the nearly 15k people who’ve commented on the pic have called him everything from corny to disrespectful to … “about the dumbest mf.”

Atlanta rapper Ralo was pissed enough to offer Youngsta $10k if he removed the post. All we know for sure at this point is the pic’s still up — and Youngsta definitely will NOT be invited to teach Sunday School this week.

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