Don McLean's Still Got It at 72 with Playboy Model Girlfriend

Don McLean

My GF Is Sweeter

Than American Pie

3/15/2018 9:11 AM PDT

Don McLean‘s playing a young man’s game, and dominating so hard … he’s already got a trophy. 

The legendary “American Pie” singer was leaving a hotel Wednesday in London with his much younger, and total smoke show of a Playboy model girlfriend … Paris Dylan.

We’ll do the math — she’s 24, he’s 72, which adds up to … get it, Donnie! 

He was dressed age-appropriately for an oldie, but goodie folk singer. Paris also appropriately rocked a curve-hugging dress. Even though she’s posted pics with a shiny rock on her finger, Don’s people have told us their thing is strictly professional.

Don didn’t write the book of love … but those legs gotta put his faith in God above …

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