Drake's Oddly Thirsty Burglar Returns to Scene of Crime, Gets Pepper Sprayed

Drake’s Thirsty Burglar

I’m Baaack!!!

Allegedly Spits on Cops, Gets Pepper Sprayed

7/28/2017 1:00 AM PDT


Drake‘s thirsty burglar amped things up with her latest attempt to enter his Hidden Hills mansion … going off on cops and getting her ass pepper sprayed.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … the 24-year-old woman — who previously got busted sipping Sprite in Drizzy’s mansion — returned Thursday morning, and told security she was on the list. The attempted jedi mind trick didn’t work, and when a guard told her to beat it … she refused.

Things went south quick when cops arrived — we’re told she spit at 3 deputies. When she tried to reload her saliva … cops blasted her with pepper spray, and arrested her for trespassing and assault on a police officer.

Drake wasn’t home at the time … same as her April arrest in his bedroom. As we reported, Drake’s peeps contacted the L.A. County D.A. to get them to cut her a break. 

No good deed … 

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