Faith Evans — Promoter Says She Went Gangsta on Him


0815-Faith-Evans-tmzFaith Evans resorted to half-baked “gangsta-movie” quotes to explain why she bailed on a concert to instead play the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour … so says a promoter who’s asked a judge to block her from performing in Atlanta.

Promoter Jeremy Hill filed docs hoping a judge puts the kibosh on Faith’s plans to perform with Bad Boy Sept. 8 in Atlanta. Jeremy already sued Faith for backing out of his Sept. 10 concert at Wolf Creek Amphitheater.

As for why Faith bailed … Hill says Faith used a “gangsta-movie” quote to explain — “It’s not personal, it’s only business.”

Not sure how that’s gangsta … Hill says Live Nation forced Faith to cancel the Sept. 10 concert to receive a purported $800k for performing with the Bad Boy tour. Hill goes on to say Faith’s agent texted him, “I can’t give up 25 dates for 1. I tried to work it out, she was going to do both shows but it’s impossible.”

He says Faith’s offered to refund the deposit, but he’s still pissed. 

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