Hailey Baldwin Takes Justin Bieber's Last Name on Instagram

Hailey Baldwin

Call Me Mrs. Bieber

Makes It IG Official

11/16/2018 5:33 PM PST

Exclusive Details

Hailey Baldwin is dunzo! Instead, Hailey Bieber is taking her place in the most meaningful way possible … on social media. 

Justin Bieber‘s wife just changed her Instagram handle to @HaileyBieber, a move Biebs himself put in motion. Our IG sources tell us Justin’s team reached out to the platform Friday to ask about updating her account.

We’re guessing Hailey’s 15.3 million followers — not to mention his 102 million — will go berserk over this. The name change comes roughly two months after they got hitched in a super secret ceremony at an NYC courthouse

She was already wearing the name proudly on a denim jacket Thursday night at an NYC Levi’s event. 

There were signs Hailey had rebranding on the brain … because, as we reported, she filed to trademark her new name — in case she wants to slap it on some merchandise, and also to block anyone else from doing it.

Point is … she’s becoming a true Belieber, in spirit and name. 

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