Jaden & Willow Smith Approve Dad's 'ICON' Video Spoof

Jaden & Willow Smith

We Dig Dad’s ‘ICON’ Video Spoof …

We’re Also Really Fast!!!

2/23/2018 10:02 AM PST


Jaden and Willow Smith had no dad jokes when Will spoofed Jaden’s “ICON” music video — far from it, but they were in the mood to laugh about lots of other things.

We got Jaden and Willow separately Thursday night in Calabasas as they left the movies. We tried to ask Jaden about the new short film he’s in, “Can Cowboys Cry” … but he was more interested in jokingly ordering his gf, Odessa Adlon, to flee. Watch, it’s pretty funny. 

Willow was way more calm and collected when we approached her about Will’s spoof of Jaden. In fact, she said she was kind of freaked out how dead-on Dad’s version was to her bro’s.

Of course, Will’s become quite the social media sensation since joining Instagram — so we had to ask what she thinks about his posts, and then … BAM! Willow took a page out of Jaden’s playbook, all in good fun.

Well played, kiddos. 

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