Jay-Z and Beyonce Release Surprise Joint Album on Tidal

Beyonce & Jay-Z

Surprise …

Our Joint Album’s Out!!!

6/16/2018 2:46 PM PDT

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Jay-Z and Beyonce just complemented their current “On the Run II” tour by dropping an album — a joint album — that’s been highly rumored and anticipated for months.

“Everything is Love” hit Tidal Saturday afternoon and features 9 songs by Jay and Bey together. She announced it on her Instagram … much to the delight of millions of fans.

A music vid for one of the tracks, “APES**T,” is out already and was used by Beyonce to make the big reveal.

The couple packed London Stadium Friday night — with Blue Ivy in attendance stealing the show — and they were there again Saturday night. News of the new album was revealed to fans at the concert by the Queen herself and then displayed on the big screen.

Talk about a crowd pleaser.

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