Jenni Rivera's Brother Gets Reality Show But … I'm No Wannabe Kardashian!!! (VIDEO)

3/12/2017 12:40 AM PST


Jenni Rivera‘s brother doesn’t wanna go head-to-head with the Kardashians now that he’s got a reality show, and it’s simple — HE KNOWS HE CAN’T!!!

Grammy winning singer Lupillo Rivera — an icon in Mexico and among Latinos around the world — tells us why he dares not compare himself to the Kardashians … he says just look at ’em. Really, look at them and then look at him.

Lupillo — whose album, “El Malo,” dropped Friday — also tells us he’s obviously still coping with his sister’s death in the plane crash back in 2012.

The reality show — slated for 15 episodes this fall on Univision — will also center around his wife’s biz and family drama … because of course.

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