Kenny Smith Wants Drake To Make A Song With His Daughter (VIDEO)

3/13/2017 12:45 AM PDT


Kenny Smith is offering Drake one of his daughters … in a totally non-weird way … ’cause Smith wants the Canadian superstar to take his baby girl and make a massive hit.

We got Kenny out in NYC when he went all proud daddy on us … telling us about his pop star Kayla Brianna, who’s career is exploding having been nominated for an iHeartRadio award.

That’s all well and good … but we had to know who Kenny’s dream rap team up for Kayla is, being that he’s the type of guy who can make it happen.

Sorry American rappers … Kenny HATES you, telling our guy he would want none other than Drizzy on the track with his kid.

Careful Kenny … Drake is known to be kinda “charming.” Ask Rihanna, and J.Lo, and Hailey Baldwin, and like every model he’s ever done a video with, or seen on Instagram, or heard about.

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