Korean Airline Says Flight Attendant Didn't Fire Taser For Safety, Richard Marx Calls BS

12/21/2016 6:33 AM PST


1221-daisy-fuentes-richard-marx-facebook-01Daisy Fuentes was dead wrong when she claimed the flight attendant on a Korean Air flight couldn’t subdue an unruly passenger because she didn’t know how to handle a taser … so says Korean Air.

The flight attendant didn’t fire the weapon because the passenger in question was bouncing around, and she was worried she might inadvertently shoot another passenger … at least that’s what the airline tells TMZ.

As we reported … Richard Marx and Daisy were on a Korean Air flight when a guy flipped out and Richard had to step in to help restrain him. Daisy and Richard claimed the crew didn’t know how to handle the situation.

Korean Air adds … “The flight attendant considered the safety of the other passengers and decided to restrain the passenger with ropes.”

Here’s the question … why couldn’t the guy be tased at close rage?


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