Lil Wayne — I'm Retiring Because of Birdman … But Things Can Change (VIDEO)

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Lil Wayne says he IS retired from music … at least, for now … and it’s all over his war with Birdman.  

The rapper just appeared on “Undisputed” on FS1 — where Skip Bayless got straight to the point and asked if his tweets about retiring from music earlier this month were real. 

The explanation … Weezy says when he posted the tweet, he was PISSED OFF following a heated argument over his business relationship with Cash Money Records. 

Wayne claims Birdman owes him millions — and it’s having a real impact on his personal life. 

“I have a family. I have kids. I have a mother. We have bills. This is just business.” 

Wayne says he will NEVER work with Birdman ever again — and for all intents and purposes, considers himself retired … at least, until he gets paid.  

He did send this message to his former boss — “Gimme mine and I’ll walk free.”

It’s clear Wayne WANTS to make music again — because he told Skip he hasn’t even come close to reaching the height of his career.

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