Lil Xan is Going to Rehab and He's Looking Forward to It

Lil Xan

I’m Going to Rehab

11/15/2018 11:14 AM PST

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Lil Xan is dead serious about kicking his drug addiction because he’s headed to rehab … something he hinted at when he spoke to us earlier this month.

The rapper announced Thursday he’ll be checking himself into a facility by next week, and said he’s looking forward to being clean so he can finish his Mac Miller tribute album.

As we reported … Xan reached out to us when we broke the story about Mac’s cause of death — cocaine and fentanyl  and he opened up about his current struggles with addiction.

Xan said the death of his hero, Mac Miller, coupled with the death of Lil Peep almost a year ago, really opened his eyes. He said he’d curbed his drug use, but still wasn’t clean.

Xan recently canceled a slew of tour dates … saying the work he’s doing on Mac’s tribute album has really taken its toll on him. He told us his fight to kick drugs also played a role.

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