Mariah Carey Nails Rehearsal, Soundcheck for New Year's Eve 2017 Performance

Mariah Carey’s NYE 2017

Nails Rehearsal, Full Soundcheck

12/31/2017 1:51 PM PST

Exclusive Details

Mariah Carey didn’t cut any corners ahead of her NYE redemption performance in Times Square … ’cause she just completed a full soundcheck and rehearsal.

Mariah wrapped her rehearsal and soundcheck Sunday afternoon in NYC, where she’s hours away from round 2 of “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.” Eyewitnesses tell us she completed her run-through with no issues, and looks ready for tonight.

It appears it was the real Mariah up there too, no stand-in like last year … which, as you’ll recall, didn’t end great come showtime. It also sounds like you can hear her pretty well through the sound system now, which bodes well for her actual performance.

Mimi left the stage in high spirits, so we hope that means she’s all set. Fingers crossed!

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