Ray J Hopes Cardi B and Offset Reconcile Because 'They're Good for Each Other'

Ray J on Cardi B & Offset

‘I Hope They Get Back Together’

12/6/2018 11:45 AM PST


Cardi B might not be showing signs of heartbreak from her breakup with Offset, but Ray J seems pretty bummed about it. Really bummed.

We got Ray J at Craig’s in WeHo Wednesday night and wanted to get his take on hip-hop’s huge news earlier this week after Cardi broke things off with Offset amid allegations he cheated and tried setting up a threesome with a Cardi wannabe

Ray J — who earlier that evening hit up the Lakers game — hopes Cardi and Offset get back together because he’s adamant they belong together. Our guy also straight-up asks Ray J how bad of a look it is for Offset to try and finagle a threesome WITHOUT Cardi. In short, Ray J says it’s no bueno.

Question is … is the mere attempt grounds to end a marriage? Ray J also weighs in on that. 

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