Spice Girls Can Still Sell Reunion Tour Merchandise Through 2023

Spice Girls Reunion

Screw Wannabe Merch …

We’ll Be There w/ OG Stuff ‘Til 2023!

2/7/2018 11:37 AM PST


The Spice Girls have a major advantage leading up to their forthcoming reunion tour — they can still hawk A LOT of gear bearing their name … some of it old, but still new.

We did some digging, and it turns out the Spice Girls have a live trademark and exclusive rights to use their band name on a bunch of tour merch.

We broke the story … the Spice Girls are planning to kick off a reunion tour by late summer that’ll span across the UK and then the U.S. All 5 girls are involved.

Some stuff they can peddle includes your run-of-the-mill tour must-haves — T-shirts, jackets, belts, books, binders and lots of other items like that. But get this … the trademark is so old, they can also sell things like “cassette recorders,” “compact disc players,” and “video game joysticks.”

They filed for this specific trademark back in 1997, and recently filed to renew it through 2023. Still … they may want to add some of the latest technology.

These kids are WAY past the analog years … and they have no problem telling you what they want … what they really, REALLY want.

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