T.I. Says Kanye's Trump Meeting Lacked Message About Attacks on People of Color


Kanye’s Trump Lunch Ignored Prez Attack on Black People

10/12/2018 6:59 AM PDT


T.I. has a fascinating take on Kanye‘s Oval meeting with Donald Trump … saying some of what Ye advocated is awesome, but the most important message got lost — that Trump has total disregard for people of color.

We got the rapper and wife Tiny Thursday night in WeHo leaving Craig’s and he told our guy if he was in that meeting he would have led with Trump’s attack on black people and other people of color. T.I. goes beyond that, because he’s outraged how the Prez has separated innocent children from their parents in immigration raids.

It’s interesting … T.I. is measured and does not attack Kanye, saying some of what he advocated is noble, but he’s clearly upset with the way the meeting went down.

T.I. revealed in a lengthy post why he declined Ye’s invitation to that bizarre White House lunch meeting. 

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