The Chainsmokers Say P!nk's AMA Performance Was 'Ridiculous'

The Chainsmokers

P!nk’s Mid-Air Singing …

‘Most Ridiculous Thing Ever’

11/20/2017 8:53 AM PST


P!nk‘s death-defying stunt for the American Music Awards was “ridiculous,” according to The Chainsmokers‘ Andrew Taggart — and that’s a good thing.

We got the duo heading to Madeo Sunday night in L.A. after the AMAs and we asked Andrew about P!nk’s performance as she hung off the side of the JW Marriott Hotel … a good 34 floors up!

Andrew’s reaction is pretty blunt. But when asked if he’d ever do anything like it … you could see the terror in his eyes. Pretty sure it ain’t gonna happen while he’s in the group. Alex Pall, on the other hand, was pretty stoked!

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