Tito Jackson is Proud of Paris for Cleaning Michael Jackson's Walk of Fame Star

Tito Jackson

Proud of Paris for Protecting MJ

… Leave the Stars Alone!!!

6/14/2018 5:02 PM PDT


Tito Jackson‘s sad someone tried to disrespect his little brother … but he’s happy Paris Jackson stepped up to make things right.

We got MJ‘s older bro at LAX Thursday and asked about someone tagging a Michael Jackson star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this week before his niece showed up to scrub it clean. Tito tells us he’s proud of her, because it shows she takes pride in her father’s legacy … just like him.

Tito’s not sure if the graffiti was a personal attack on Michael this time around or just a random act of vandalism, but the funny thing is … the perp who tagged the star really failed if their intention was to hate on the King of Pop.

Turns out … the star that got tagged was actually Michael Jackson, theĀ 84-year-old British radio personality.

Regardless, Paris still took care of the cleanup … and Tito’s got some words for anyone thinking about vandalizing celeb stars in the future.

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