Too Short Says Machine Gun Kelly Was Right to Beat Up Actor Who Called Him 'P***y'

Too Short

Machine Gun Kelly Was Right

Call Someone a ‘P***y,’ You Get a Beatin’

9/16/2018 7:19 AM PDT


Too Short thinks the actor who got beat up by Machine Gun Kelly‘s crew had it coming because saying to someone “You’re a p***y”¬† … well, them’s fightin’ words.

We got Short out in WeHo Saturday night leaving¬† Delilah, and he knew all about the story we broke … that actor G-Rod bellied up to a bar in Atlanta Friday night, saw MGK and went off on him for calling Eminem’s then-16-year-old daughter “hot.” G-Rod told us, as the father of 3, he was appalled.

As we reported, MGK’s crew — whom G-Rod calls “goons” — beat the crap out of him and now the cops are involved.

Short makes it clear … he would have done the same thing Kelly did and unleashed his crew.

It’ll be interesting to see how MGK responds to G-Rod’s challenge to settle their beef in the Octagon.

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