Wiz Khalifa Hits Up Joint With Smoking Hot Girlfriend

Wiz Khalifa

Hits Up Joint (Literally)

With Smoking Hot GF!!!

11/21/2017 7:14 AM PST

Wiz Khalifa‘s two favorite indulgences merged during a night out — a joint and a smoke show GF.

The rapper hit up Poppy Monday night in WeHo with his crew but it’s his main squeeze who stole the show. They held hands on the way in … and if there was any doubt Wiz is quite the romantic, check out the hand switch on the walk in. Never wants to let go, it seems.

Can’t blame Wiz for staying mum … his girl’s walkin’ is doin’ all the talkin’.

As for who she is …  L.A.-based model Izabela Guedes, who not only has been plastered all over Wiz’s Instagram lately, but is also the cover model for Wiz’s new mixtape.

Easy to see why … 

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