Ben Stein Says Attack on Mitch McConnell is Nazi-Like

Ben Stein

Mitch McConnell Attack

… It’s So Nazi

10/21/2018 10:00 AM PDT


Ben Stein says the guy who attacked Mitch McConnell Friday night is like a brownshirt in the early days of the Nazi Party.

We got Ben Saturday at Politicon in L.A., and he was disgusted by the video TMZ posted, showing a restaurant patron verbally assaulting McConnell and his wife at a Louisville, Kentucky restaurant. The person who shot the video told us before the attack, the patron grabbed McConnell’s doggie bag and threw it out the door.

Ben is consistent … saying the verbal assault against Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats are just as bad as what happened to the Majority Leader.

Ben says we’ve reached a point where mob rule seems to be in vogue, and he thinks it’s a frontal threat to democracy.

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