Chris Christie Says Mitch McConnell Attack Will Drive Politicians Underground

Chris Christie

Attack on Mitch McConnell

Will Drive Politicians Underground

10/21/2018 7:49 AM PDT


Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, is outraged at this weekend’s verbal assault against Senator Mitch McConnell, saying attacks like this will make politicians hostages in their own homes.

We got the former Gov on Saturday at Politicon in L.A., and he was clearly upset by what went down Friday night at a Louisville, Kentucky restaurant, where a patron apparently slammed his fists down on the table where McConnell and his wife were sitting, grabbed his doggie bag, and threw the food out the door … then started to berate the Majority Leader.

Christie says, if politicians isolate themselves from the public out of fear they’ll be assaulted, then we all lose.

Check out how Christie invokes the name of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. … this in response to whether McConnell should have struck back.

And you gotta hear how Christie defends Donald Trump for applauding the congressman who body slammed a reporter.  

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