Chuck Schumer Says Giants Can Make Super Bowl, If They Keep Eli

Senator Chuck Schumer

The Giants Can Make Super Bowl

… If They Keep Eli

3/19/2018 12:10 AM PDT


If the NY Giants don’t want to get audited, they’ll keep Eli Manning¬†because a prominent NY politician is totally pro-#10 … saying he can lead the G-Men back to the Super Bowl.

We talked to NY Senator Chuck Schumer¬†and asked what the Giants should do with that 2nd overall pick — and like any good politician, he had a plan.¬†

“Yes, they gotta keep Eli and draft a line,” Schumer said …” I like the guy they got from the Patriots, but they need more offensive line.”

“If they get a good offensive line, they’re gonna be a Super Bowl contender.”

Of course we pressed him like DJ Envy talking to Desus & Mero, but Schumer made it clear he’s against picking a signal caller in this QB-heavy draft.

“Keep Eli.”

Better hope it works — you’re up for re-election soon.

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